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Time to Pet-Proof Your Outdoor Furniture
Time to Pet-Proof Your Outdoor Furniture
If you’re anything like us (crazy animal freaks), you might generally let your animals roam freely and jump on any available surface they can reach – sofas, recliners, beds – you name it. But there’s always that hesitation to give them an all access pass to something you recently purchased when it’s still so shiny and new. As evidenced here, after setting up my new conversational set (Cloud Mountain 4 PC Patio Rattan Set Wicker Furniture in Brown) and proudly moving it to the courtyard area in my back yard, my English Retriever Lexi immediately made herself comfortable. My first instinct was to take a photo because she obviously looks adorable, but then I felt myself inwardly cringe.

Her paws get dirty from digging and she sheds like crazy – and I knew that in no time at all she will unintentionally ruin this set.. or at the very least make it less inviting to humans that come over and you know, want to sit down. So, I started to look up ways to “pet-proof” my outdoor furniture to make sure it lasts and I will share a few of my favorite tips with you.

1) Scratch Protectors

These handy clear protectors stick on to the side of your furniture – the areas where dogs and cats tend to chew or scratch. They’re practically invisible to the naked eye and do a tremendous job. The brand I purchased is called Furniture Defender and can be found on Amazon and most pet stores.

2) Spray Repellant

The spray leaves no residue and will not stain your furniture, and its chemicals are not harmful to pets. I purchased Nature’s Miracle Pet Block which is available at PetSmart & Amazon and is highly effective!

3) Outdoor Furniture Covers

Much like outdoor grill covers, there are a plethora of resilient covers available to protect your furniture from the elements (and pets). My favorite is the Classic Accessories Veranda Rectangular Cover which was just over $40 and large enough to cover my entire set.

4) Get Your Furry Pals an Inviting Alternative Rest Area

If all else fails, just lure them (and by lure, I mean bribe) with a new bed of their own so they won’t feel the need to seek out a comfortable spot on your furniture. I purchased a comfy circular bed for Lexi and she is in love with it (photo evidence below). Unfortunately the exact bed we have is no longer made, but luckily Bowser’s makes a comparable one that I am sure your pooch with enjoy.

The moral of the story is that we want to keep our pets happy, but we also need to keep ourselves and our guests comfortable as well. Not all animals and humans are alike, so I highly suggest with experimenting with these tips to find out what works best for your situation.

  • Dec 18, 2018
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