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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas
New Year’s Eve Party Ideas
The holidays are the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year. But when the last of the gifts are opened, and family has gone home, and you’ve begun taking down your decorations, it can feel a bit deflating. The best way to boost your spirits? Get ready for a New Year’s celebration! Here are some easy ways to host a memorable party for your friends and neighbors, and ring in the New Year right.

1) A timeless and classic theme for a great New Year’s party is “black and white”. All décor and guest attire must be either black or white. It may sound like it could be bland and starved for color, but in practice, it actually creates visually stunning photos for your party goers to blast all over social media. You can find tips to host a perfect Black & White themed party here.

2) Since champagne is a MUST for this holiday, make sure you have a designated table for your champagne bar. You can decorate it according to your color theme or go for the classic NYE colors such as silver, gold, and black. And remember – stock up on plenty of ice because serving lukewarm champs is definitely never in style. Pro Tip: while you always want to provide a good time for those attending your party, it’s never a bad idea to have smaller bottles of water handy to keep everyone hydrated.

3)While for most parties you usually only need to set out light snacks like chips, cupcakes or cheese & crackers, keep in mind that New Year’s Eve parties (at least the good ones) tend to get very boozy. Make sure you offer your guests something more substantial so that people aren’t passing out before midnight. Some easy and relatively inexpensive options are a hot dog bar, pizza, or a DIY taco table.

Most importantly – have fun! Hosting a party can be stressful, but with these tips to help you prepare, you will have laid out the groundwork for everyone to have access to whatever they need – to enjoy your party and try not to get too caught up in hosting duties during the actual party. Happy New Year!

  • Dec 23, 2018
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