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How to keep fit and warm in the beginning of New Year
How to keep fit and warm in the beginning of New Year
Christmas and New Year just said goodbye for another year and left us with many new gifts and a bit bigger belly than it was before the holiday season. (Obvious, unfair truth)

Let’s start a new page of a book called “2019”.

What would be your first commitment in new year? I assume, many people will think about losing weight and finally getting in shape they have always dreamed about. And I am not an exception here.

So, what about we try first something simple, yet powerful enough to help us?

I am not talking about buying fresh gym membership or looking for a new personal coach which will cost you a fortune!

I am talking about new perception of yourself, new attitude and…

Some winter warm-ups!

Let’s say you have a medicine ball at home. Someone gave it to you on Christmas 4 years ago and you have never given it a chance… Or you were always wondering what it for. How people use it and why? Is it really helpful? Oh yeah!

I have checked tons of articles and sport journals to find best of the medicine ball exercises for you.

There are 25 must-try medicine ball exercises with clear detailed pictures and explanations by NICOLE MCDERMOTT.

And another really good one, step-by-step video by Jessica Smith. Love it!

So, now you know more about medicine balls and its usage. But what if it’s really cold and you feel like a teddy bear who wants to stay in a warm bed under layers of soft duvet enjoying winter silence and a good book with a cup of lukewarm cocoa? Oh, I do understand you! And that’s a great way to go through your winter... 

Unless you want to see yourself with a double chin and a double belly in a spring mirror!

Still want to stay motionlessly in your bed till the summer time? Nope? Yeah, I thought so!

There is another way to go… What about thick, really thick aerobics mats for your exercises? On these mats you won’t feel the coldness of the floor and would be able to do your regular workout or maybe even try something new!

Like somersaults or forearm stands, headstands, difficult balance poses etc. Why not? It’s always cool to try totally new things, especially when it’s first days of a new year.

Another good thing which I am going to try (ot actually is a great addition to the medicine ball exercise and exercises on the mat) is starting your day with.

No, not coffee. And not even a smoothie. But pure Celery Juice!

I checked so many articles and health magazines, vlogs & blogs - they all come to a common conclusion, that there is no better way to speed up your metabolism, cure your  digestion system, lift your skin and strengthen your hair and nails but CELERY! Drink celery juice first thing in the morning and after a week you will see tremendous changes! I am going to try this for sure!

Let’s have a healthy, fit and harmonious year!

  • Jan 09, 2019
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