How to Care for Rattan Furniture

Rattan is as beautiful as it is durable, so most rattan furniture needs only basic cleaning and care to preserve its natural strength and color. Following are some suggestions:

Step 1

Clean the surface regularly. A monthly or even weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage. Clean with a little dishwashing detergent diluted into water. Skim the suds off the top of the water with a soft cloth and then wipe the furniture's surface without getting the wood wet. Be sure to get into crevices and grooves with a toothbrush or other small brush.

Step 2

Keep the furniture indoors. While rattan certainly likes humidity, it is not outdoor furniture. Keep your rattan indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight and the furniture will last long and look better.

Step 3

Dry rattan furniture well. A damp cloth with a mild furniture cleaner may be used, but take care not to soak the furniture. If it does become oversaturated, dry outdoors in the sun, if possible. The natural plant material will generally return to its original shape, so take care not to bend it while wet.

Step 4

Do a major cleaning once a year. A thorough cleaning will take care of dirt buildup and will also prevent further damage. Scrub the rattan with detergent, using slightly more water than you use for the weekly cleaning. Then, dry the wood as quickly as possible, using a hair dryer or setting the furniture in the sun. Finally, apply a coat of shellac or lacquer to seal the wood until the next year's cleaning.

Step 5

Place rubber stoppers underneath the legs of the furniture. Keeping a bit of rubber between the wood and the floor will prevent unnecessary damage and splitting of the rattan.

Step 6

If splitting has occurred due to excessive dryness, the best thing to do is to make sure no further damage occurs; treat the rattan or cane with tung or boiled linseed oil and raise the humidity level of the space.

And the following are some tips for you to refer to:

  1. Use felt pads or rubber stoppers to protect the feet of cane and rattan furniture.
  2. You can leave synthetic rattan furniture outdoors all year round, but for ultimate protection, cover it with a PVC cover or keep it stored in your garden shed.
  3. Every couple of weeks, you can maintain the condition of your garden furniture by cleaning the table tops and seats.
  4. The best way to care for your rattan garden furniture during winter is to store it in a garden shed. This guarantees the furniture more protection from the elements.

Above are some suggestions for caring for rattan furniture. Follow these steps to keep your rattan furniture looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

  • Jul 19, 2018
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