Farewell summer, embrace autumn.

   Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to head indoors just yet. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor spaces and soak up some fresh air. Here’s how to spend the autumn and get more out of your backyard.

Enjoy an outdoor visual feast

Compared with the mid-summer, the end of summer is more charming and you can consider to have some outdoor cool activities with your family. Imagine following scene: when night is approaching, stars scatter on the sky, and a light breeze was blowing. You and your family are enjoying an open-air movie with an outdoor projector screen, the images of characters show apparently, and you are immersed in the plot. What a serene night!

And only if a projector screen can endow you with this simple dream. Don’t worry about it will be blew down with wind, for tripod stand is sturdy and easy to keep balance, strong stability stand makes the screen stand better. And it is very easy to clean, for PVC matte white projector screen, wrinkle-free screen is mildew resistant and static resistant, and it is easy to clean with water.


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Get Ready to Gather

Time with those you care about is time well spent, and a backyard or patio is a great place to gather if your house is on the smaller side. Make your open-air space feel like an extra room by extending the styles and comforts from inside your home to the outside.

A comfy patio conversation set is the perfect place to cozy up on an autumn afternoon, and with the addition of a few throw blankets, you can enjoy evenings outdoors as well. An outdoor area rug offers an easy way to define the space.


Accessorize with a lot of layers and patterns

Be sure to accessorize your outdoor seating as you would your indoor seating with layers of pillows in mixed patterns. I honestly could spend all night at a table like this!

Don't stop with the furniture and accessories—plants obviously play a role in outdoor spaces. Topiaries in different sizes and plants with texture placed in simple pots create stunning focal points.  

And following are some tips offered for you to refer to:

  1. Pillows are a simple way to dress up any area, while a planter with blooming mums can add a pop of color. Outdoor lighting, such as lanterns or string lights, will bring a warm, welcoming glow.
  2. Have a small patio in your backyard? Find a few pieces that can brave the weather so you’re always ready to entertain. You can always pull extra decor from indoors for an impromptu party.
  1. Plants are vital in your garden, for it can live this space, so decorating your garden with potted plant is a wise decision










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  • Aug 30, 2018
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