Autumn with Tiffany Lamps’ flavor

  With the sun setting earlier and daylight hours growing shorter, there’s no better time to update your lamps and shades than now. It's easy to refresh your space by switching out some accessories or updating with an out-season furniture piece in order to make your home feel more Fall-inspired and ready for house guests. Using these different styles can add a touch of luxury to your home, lighting is so important and a great way to create different moods in your home, romantic evenings, or just bright and light while you cook, or the kids do their homework. Let me walk you through some new arrivals of Tiffany Lamps in Fall 2018.

  The Tiffany style lamp is crafted with hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped in copper foil and then hand-soldered in place to create a stunning effect.


  The lamp is going to illuminate your living space with beautiful colors. Warm tones of amber and blue come together and create a diffused glow for any relaxed space. Both table & floor lamp offer gorgeous ambient lighting with beauty of Victorian style. Appropriate for your living room, bedroom, or home office.

   A single room often has many different functions—for instance, working, lounging, or dining—so it’s important to have multiple types of lighting in each space. Each type of lighting is designed to fill particular need and should be used for a different application or setting in each room. You are more than welcome to check our new Tiffany Lamp collection, which is aimed to provide a successful lighting scheme that sets the tone for your room, allows you to perform certain tasks, and helps you move about the space.  


  Tips: everyone can receive 10% off on every single Tiffany lamp after using promo code FLASH10 at the checkout!

   Lighting is the final design layer to a contemporary room. Put a little time and thought into the process to create a positive change! Whatever your style is, finding the right decorative home accessories, especially the lighting decoration, is the key to transform your room into a bright new look!

  • Sep 14, 2018
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